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Listed below, are some of the topics we can help you with...

.Confidence building and Self worth


.Body Image Issues


.Overcoming anxiety


.Overcoming abuse


.Study Buddy, for students struggling to find focus


.Post education planning


. Life Coaching


.Anger and stress management


.Building communication skills


.Relationship Rescue


. Health and Wellbeing


. Overcoming Depression


. Grievance Assistance  


. Finding yourself !


. A course in Enlightenment


. End of Life acceptance


. Sexuality Issues


At Earth Tribe, we believe that every single person on the planet is in the stage of `becoming´. That is to say, we are never really complete! As we go through life, we may feel that some areas of ourselves need addressing, exploring, understanding and developing in order for us to grow into healthy individuals. Through certain times in life, we may also get challenged and emotionally affected by the situations that face us, whereby counselling can become an incredibly beneficial method to nurture the mind back through those experiences...

Not everyone is the same when it comes to working through their problems, which is why we´ve created a unique variety of different counselling methods to choose from.


Have a read below, and see which one suits you better. You can also email Earth Tribe for a free consultation, where we can help you to decide which method would be best for you.

Life Coaching
Holistic Counselling
Creative Therapy

Life Coaching is a great choice for those who are seeking direction, loss of ambition, confidence or want to find a new direction in life.  In these sessions we set goals, working through the priorities in your  life and start making plans of action towards creating the life you always dreamt you´d have.

Counselling is the one for you if you need to talk through your problems and come to conclusions with the help of a practitioner. Through discussion, the counselling sessions will help you to arrive at understanding at a deeper level. It can also be beneficial to learn new techniques, helping you break out of old thought patterns and habits and steering you back onto the road of inner happiness.

Holistic Counselling offers all  the same things that normal counselling offers, but is aided by additional therapies to help the client open up at a more holistic level. Certain techniques are used from all over the world such as Reiki, automatic writing, meditation, Tibetan bowls, crystals, dream analysis, and aromatherapy in conjunction with discussion based counselling. 

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Creative Therapy -  Without needing to be talented or artistic, expressing feelings through line, colour, texture, shape and form allows us to reflect and release from certain events and experiences.

As with dream interpretation, images can be very symbolic. Like a window into the subconscious, the arts can often act as a bridge, revealing knowledge back to us about ourselves that we’re not always aware of.

Including creativity with counselling can be beneficial for the interpretation of underlying feelings, while also acting as an expressive outlet for the emotions of the client.


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