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Sometimes life can send us out of sync with our own peace and happiness and though we may not realise it, experiences affect the body- not just the mind. Ancient cultures have always known how to heal through the practice of energetic therapies all over the world. Taking on board this ancient advice at Earth Tribe, we have selected the very best and created three relaxing therapy sessions that focus on restoring energetic balance in both the mind, body and spirit. These treatments can either be experienced just for some serious relaxation, or integrated into part of a counselling session. So go ahead- be pampered!


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Reiki Healing  Originating in 19th century Japan, Reiki serves as a complementary or alternative method of healing. Reiki is the non-physical transference of healing energy whereby the therapist aims to tap into the clients' subconscious through the manipulation of the clients energy chakras. It is considered an ancient practice, that once forgotten is now being re-established within Holistic therapies as an effective method of healing on a deeper and more spiritual level. Our Reiki healing may also include crystals and aromatherapy, and features both discussed and written feedback and advice on maintaining energetic health.

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Holistic Massage  Using a blend of traditional Reiki techniques, aromatherapy, feather light pressure strokes and essential oils, this massage focuses on improving the clients' mood and emotional wellbeing. Using Chakra oils and placing crystals on each of the chakra points, we can release any unhealthy blockages from the clients system, allowing for the restoration of emotional wellbeing and energetic balance. Includes both discussed and written feedback and advice on maintaining emotional health.

Gong Bath It´s easy to forget the human body is composed of vibrating particles! For thousands of years, cultures all over the world have practiced sound therapy to cultivate healing in both mind, body and spirit. By creating sound vibrations through instruments such as Tibetan bowels, tuning forks, Dungur drums and Gongs, we are able to resonate healing frequencies to integrate with our own natural frequency.  Simply lie back and relax, as the vibrations of sound energy washes over you, sending you into a peaceful Zen state.