Soul Development

Even when we feel more complete and energetically restored, it is always important to take care of our spiritual selves. Once the body and the mind have been healed and restored to energetic balance, you may even feel more inclined to explore your spiritual side as a natural progression. Which is why Earth Tribe has created three therapy sessions to help you grow into your spiritual self more fully! Whether you are curious to explore the possibility of the soul, or whether you wish to maintain a peaceful, Zen state of mind, there is something here for everyone to discover and set you off on your spiritual path!



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Meditation Tutoring  Meditation teaches us to be in the present moment, promoting wellbeing , patience and relaxation but sometimes it can be hard to find the focus! With the guidance of a practitioner, the client can be assisted with focus, breathing techniques and guided visuals to reach inner peace with great heights of relaxation.  Set in a beautiful setting with astral meditation light projections and moroccan candlelight, each session explores a new technique of meditation from all over the world and tracks your progress from week to week. Other than the perfect way to alleviate the stress of everyday life, this can be an ideal way to open or close a therapy session or begin a new chapter of your life with consistent heights of peaceful Zen mentality.








Lucid Dream Therapy    Each session explores lucid dreaming using the latest Mind Lab technology &  guided meditation activities, alongside a dream diary. Perfect for those ready to start manifesting their own realities! This also explores out of body experiences and trance like, lucid states of the mind through binaural beats and visuals.












Hypnotherapy Combining binaural sonic therapy (using the latest Mind Lab technology), counselling & guided Hypnotherapy, I will work with you to overcome fears, anxieties and habits alongside counselling and therapy. See Counselling page for list of other things we can help you overcome.




Hypno/ Past Life Regression With so many accounts of near-death experiences, it´s almost impossible to avoid pondering what lies on the other side, and if we have ever existed in another life before our own. Past life regression allows us to explore that possibility by using Hypnotherapy to regress back past the point of birth and into our oldest memories beyond our current lives. Our visiting Hypnotherapist, Benjamin Holmes, has been trained by one of the world's greatest past life pioneers and Author- Delores Cannon. He offers a service that looks into past life regression, helping the client to access their higher self and regain past life memories. Includes an audio recording to keep and a discussion on the discoveries of your session.

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