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Available Workshops

Our workshops are held in various beautiful locations around Brighton and are desgned for those who might not need one-to-one therapy, but do have an interest in expanding their knowledge and skills in Holistic therapies and Soul Development. It is also the perfect way to meet like-minded individuals who are also on the same life path as you...

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Reiki Level 1+2

Join us for a one day course in Reiki Training.


By the end of the day you will recieve a certificate in Reiki level 1 and Reiki level 2, as recognised by the International Association of Reiki, which will legally allow you to start up your own Reiki Practise.


The course covers knowledge in Energy, Reiki healing, Dream Analysis, Astral projection, The Law of Attraction, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Past Lives, Counselling Skills, and a Step by Step guide to help you set up your own business as a Reiki Practitioner.


You'll also recieve a free Reiki Manual,

a free chakra crystal stone set and even

free cake and morning tea to kick start

the  day!



Art Therapy Chakra Healing Course

Over 16 weeks, I will work with a group of up to 5 of your friends, to explore chakra work and deep emotional healing through a process of holistic/spiritual therapies and Creative Art Therapy.




• Dream analysis and Regression • Reiki Healing • Crystal Healing • Sound / Frequency Therapy • Spiritual Card Reading  • Guided Meditation  • Galactic Light Projections  • Creative Art Therapy •  Aromatherapy    


Each session is one hour long.

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The Peoples Tribe

Are you ready to join an Earth Tribe artistic movement!?


The Peoples Tribe aims to unite and support the community by creating a group of artists, who will create activist art in support of any up and coming protests/ activist/ grassroot events (including large scale art for protests!)


Workshops will host guest speakers to spark debate, discussion and awareness alongside the implementation of planning/research/designing and art making for social events.  

This is an exciting opportunity for artists to instigate

real change by uniting the community through

creativity, and reaching out through art into

the wider society to promote the

humanitarian social evolution that is

well overdue.


Soul Evolution


This workshop looks into different cultural techniques that study and explore what it means to be a human from a spiritual perspective from all around the world,


From the exploring the Akashic records cosmic memory and past life re-discovery to the study of the Chakras,  healing, the Human Aura and it's interaction with life force energy.

From meditation techniques , Astral projection and creating positive mind manifestations to connecting with the greater whole and enhancing harmony with the natural world.


There is a whole universe of life´s most profound

mysteries to discuss and investigate! And at

Earth Tribe, we are prepared to do just that

each week at this exciting new workshop!

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